Quick & Easy Crochet Gift Card Holder

Raise your hand if you have a bad habit of putting off gift making until the last minute. [Sheepishly raises hand] I have the utmost respect for all of you non-procrastinating types who probably have actual to-do lists, with actual items on them, including “make gifts for your kids’ teachers prior to the night before the last day of school.”

That will never be me.

So here I am, the night before the last day of school, as previously mentioned, trying to figure out something cute and easy to gift to the individuals who have so lovingly cared for and shaped my children’s education over the past year. I did manage to think ahead enough to purchase some Target gift cards, because I have to believe every teacher can appreciate free money to spend at Target.


Here’s the pattern to whip up these cute little multipurpose card holders, so that you too can master the art of last minute (or not) gift giving!

quick and easy crochet gift card holder pattern

Worsted weight (#4 Medium)
Shown here: DROPS Paris in Mustard (A) and Peach (B)

Hook: 5.5 mm

Notions: Tapestry needle, scissors, button

This pattern is written using standard US terms. You can find a comprehensive stitch guide here. Colors are alternated every two rows in order to allow you to carry the unused colors along the side of the work. When switching to a new color, work the final stitch as follows: with color A, insert hook in next st, yarn over and pull up a loop, switch to color B, yarn over and draw through two loops, completing the stitch.

Depending on your crochet tension, you may need to adjust the beginning chain and/or your hook size. You can begin with any even number of chains, which will yield an odd number of single crochet stitches in the first row.


(Color A) Begin with ch16.

Row 1: 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch across. Ch1, turn. {15 sc}

Row 2: 1sc in 1st sc, ch1, sk 1 st. *1sc in next st, ch1, sk 1 st* Repeat from * to * 5 times. 1sc in next st. Switch to color B, ch1, turn. {8 sc, 7 ch1}

Row 3: 1sc in 1st sc, 1sc in next ch1 sp. *Ch1, sk 1 st, 1sc in next ch1 sp* Repeat from * to * 5 times. 1sc in next st. Ch1, turn. {9 sc, 6 ch1}

Row 4: 1sc in 1st sc, ch1, sk 1 st. *1sc in next ch1 sp, ch1, sk 1 st* Repeat from * to * 5 times. 1sc in next st. Switch to color A, ch1, turn. {8 sc, 7 ch1}

Rows 5-20: Repeat rows 3-4 eight times.

Row 21: Repeat row 3.

Row 22: 1sc in 1st sc, 1sc in next sc. *1sc in next ch1 sp, 1sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * 1 time. 1sc in next ch1 sp, (1sl, ch8^, 1sl) in next sc. Repeat from * to * 3 times. 1sc in next st. Fasten off colors A^^ and B. {14 sc, 2 sl st, ch8}

^You can modify the number of chains in this loop to fit the button size you have chosen.
​^^Leave a long tail when fastening off color A to use for seaming one side of the holder.



Sew a button in the center of the piece, between rows 1 and 2. Fold the piece in half so that row 1 and row 22 are aligned. Sew the sides of the piece closed to form a flat pouch. Weave in all ends.

Place gift card inside, pat yourself on the back, and get thee to bed (assuming you’re making this as late as night as I did)!

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