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Marguerite Blanket CAL Part 3

Tapestry crochet motifs arranged in a circle
Photo by Marrose

By now, you’ve completed all of the “bones” of the Marguerite Blanket. You’ve got your colors laid out in just the way you’d like, and you can see the outline of the spectacular rectangle your blanket is going to be!

All that’s left is to fill in the gaps and border it up. That sounds deceptively simple! If you’ve read ahead in the pattern, you know that there is a whole mess of triangles to make and sew into the blanket. But you can do it! This is the part of the blanket that’s sort of mindless and meditative.

Tapestry crochet circles laid out on a table
Photo by @itipietie

Full Triangles

Hopefully making the triangles themselves is not terribly tricky. I’ve had some people ask why I designed them in rows, to be sewn in, rather than in rounds, to be crocheted in. I experimented with some triangles worked in the round, but didn’t like the gaps they left. I also tried working back and forth in rows and slip stitching to join to the adjacent motifs at the end of each row, but felt that this added too much bulk to the blanket.

I’ve also gotten some feedback that the triangles are a bit large if worked with the same hook size as the motifs. Feel free to experiment with going down 1-2 hook sizes to ensure that your triangles fit correctly.

If you’re interested in alternatives, check out my Facebook group, where members have experimented with other ways of making the triangles.

Here’s a brief video demonstrating how to sew the full triangles into the blanket:

Half Triangles

Again, making the half triangles themselves shouldn’t be too difficult. They are sewn into the blanket using the same method as the full triangles. Check out the video below if you’d like some extra guidance:


We’re moving right along through the CAL, and I’m a little sad to see the end of it approaching! If you’re not on track with the schedule, no need to worry. You get to work the CAL at whatever pace suits you. Here are links to each of the parts:

  • Introduction: Choosing colors and yarn types
  • FAQs
  • Part 1: Crocheting and joining full motifs
  • Part 2: Crocheting and joining half and quarter motifs

You can find the full pattern for purchase on Ravelry, Etsy, and Love Crochet.

Once you’ve finished up the full and half triangles, you’re on the home stretch! In two weeks I’ll be back for the final installment in the CAL blog series!

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9 thoughts on “Marguerite Blanket CAL Part 3

  1. Robyn says:

    Thanks for another informative post Sandra and all of your work – to make this fun CAL happen… and bring this beautifully versatile pattern to life. So enjoying my Marguerite Journey 😀

    • Carol Brown says:

      Was a Part 4 issued for this beautiful, challenging (for me) blanket? So close and yet so far from the finish.

        • Carol Brown says:

          Life never seems to balance out.; I trust you’re making it through!

          Will you be posting the final section of the Marguerite Journey? Just curious. I know I could just buy the pattern but I’ve made it this far so I wanted to reach out.

          I wish you warmth and strength along your journey. May you find peace, joy and gratitude!
          Carol B

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