Marguerite Blanket CAL Part 2

Wow, wow, wow! We’re moving right along, arent’ we? It’s been so fun to see everyone’s full Marguerite motifs. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to mixing and matching colors. I’ve loved the versions using a single background color and swapping out “petal” colors, and I’ve loved the versions that use a whole rainbow of color too!

Tapestry crochet motifs worked with variegated yarn
Photo by Arianna @aricrochet

The motifs worked with variegated or self-striping yarn for the “petals” have been especially cool, and not something I even considered when designing the pattern.

Four different tapestry crochet motifs
Photo by Robyn @3littlepears

I’m learning that herein lies the beauty of the CAL: a seemingly infinite variety of options, borne from a sea of amazingly creative folks like yourself!

Rainbow tapestry crochet motif
Photo by Celine @crafty_cc

I’m excited to move on to the next part of the CAL! For the next two weeks, we’ll be working on the half and quarter motifs.



Here’s the recap of the posts so far, for those just joining in:

You can find the full pattern for purchase on Ravelry, Etsy, and Love Crochet.

Half Motifs

Now that we’ve made all of the full motifs and joined them together, it’s time to start finishing off the edges of the blanket. I’m partial to rectangular blankets (just my thing), which means that we need some half and quarter motifs to fill in the edges.

The half and quarter motifs are different from the full motifs, in that they’re worked in rows and turned, rather than in rounds. You will use the same tapestry techniques as used for the full motifs, though. See my video on tapestry crochet for related tips.

If you’re proficient with the full motifs, working the half motifs shouldn’t be too difficult. The trickiest part is getting the hang of carrying the yarn when turning. Watch the video below for help:

Quarter Motifs

Hopefully after you’ve got the hang of the half motifs, the quarter motifs should be a breeze! Again, the most difficult part, in my opinion, is dealing with carrying the yarn when turning. The method is the same as for the half motifs.


Hopefully the pattern instructions are clear on how to join the half and quarter motifs. Please note, there is an error in the pattern: the half motifs along the top and bottom of the blanket need to be joined in three, not two areas.

If you’re stuck, here’s some video assistance for how and where to join the half and quarter motifs!

Next Steps

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through the CAL already? This blanket is deceptively quick to work up, in part because the full motifs take up so much space. The next step can feel a little fiddly by comparison. There are lots of triangles to make and join. But unlike the tapestry motifs which require a certain amount of concentration, the triangles are easy breezy. They set you up for a nice meditative crochet experience.

Keep on tagging your works with #margueritemotif and/or #margueriteblanket on social media so we can all share in the fun!


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11 thoughts on “Marguerite Blanket CAL Part 2

  1. Taunya says:

    Is there a written pattern for the half and quarter motifs? I cannot find a place that tells me where to go to find out. Thanks!

    • mobiusgirldesign says:

      Hi Taunya, the full pattern, including the half and quarter motifs, is available on Ravelry and Etsy. The links are toward the top of the post.

  2. Felicia says:

    Is it that one must buy the pattern to get the rest of the patterns since there’s no written pattern for half and quarter motif? I thought during the CAL the pattern is release in parts apart from the full pattern purchase or am I missing something? Thanks

    • mobiusgirldesign says:

      Yes, the remainder of the pattern is paid. I decided to do a CAL after releasing the pattern, so this one is a little different from other CALs.

  3. JosTricot says:

    Hello, first, the pattern is gorgeous. I’m using yarn I had in my stash (100% wool), around 200 yards for 100 grams. Instead of making 2 ch, I’m making 3 ch and use it as the first DC, except for the second round. My problem, when I started with 2 ch and DC in the same, it was to large in this part of the Marguerite and was not really nice. Maybe I used a crochet to small ? But I like the way it looks.
    Sorry, for my English, I’m a French speaker.

    • mobiusgirldesign says:

      I’m glad you enjoy the pattern! It’s fine to substitute ch 3 for the first st. Whatever looks best for you! And your English is lovely 🙂

    • Louise Carstens says:

      Jostricot, you can also use a “standing dc”, which you can find on the Moogly website. It looks a lot better than the chain 3. I do not make a knot. When I pull the 1st loop through i move the loose piece of yarn from right to left over the stitch and proceed with the stitch. The rest of the piece i work into the rest of my work. Hope this make sense i am also not very deliciously english.☺☺☺

  4. Kate says:

    Hi. Can you help me? I’m from Hungarian . Who can I find a step by step written or video instruction find for the half or quarter motifs?

    • mobiusgirldesign says:

      Hi Kate, the full pattern with step-by-step instructions is available for purchase on my Etsy and Ravelry pages.

  5. Bobby Ollar says:

    Love this. Is there a listing somewhere for the yarn used in the blue variegated version shown at the top of part 2?

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