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Granny Square Flair Book Review

All the Granny Squares Fit to Print

In her book, Granny Square Flair, author and master crochet Shelley Husband offers a stunning array of 50 granny square patterns. The humble granny square has been around since the birth of crochet, and sometimes I think I’ve seen all there is to see design-wise in this format. But Granny Square Flair features unique designs constructed in clever ways that offer a little something for everyone. The book is published in either US or UK terms.

Granny Square Flair Book

The Patterns

If you’ve followed Shelley Husband on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook you’re already familiar with her gorgeous eye for design. Her range and depth as a designer are enviable. In Granny Square Flair, Shelley shares patterns spanning all skill levels, in a rainbow of colors.

I found myself especially drawn to the squares that were bursting with texture. The centers of two that I made stand out to give the squares beautiful depth.

crochet granny squares

Each pattern includes written instructions, as well as charts. There are also several alternate colorways for each square. Changing up the colors can drastically alter the appearance of the squares. This only adds to the seemingly infinite variety of possibilities for creating!

The Projects

In addition to the 50 individual granny square patterns, Granny Square Flair includes instructions for 11 gorgeous projects. There are scarves and cowls, cushions, and blankets. Some of my favorites are the Melbourne Wrap, Deco Cushion, and Prism Lap Blanket. The photos below are by Jo O’Keefe.

In addition to the projects, Shelley also includes guidelines to keep in mind for creating your own projects. The possibilities really are limitless with these beautiful squares!

The extras

Having read countless crochet books, and having written my own, I always appreciate an author’s inclusion of what I think of as little extra goodies. While this book isn’t written for an absolute beginner, it contains lots of nuggets of crochet wisdom. There is information on what kind of fiber to choose for specific projects, how to estimate how much yarn you will need, and a tutorial on standing stitches. The most notable extra, in my opinion, is the section on seamless crochet.

Anyone who has crocheted a granny square knows that there can be a pesky seam that appears when rounds are started on the side of the square rather than at the corner. I won’t give away all of Shelley’s tricks, but she includes detailed instructions (with photos!) on how to eliminate the dreaded seam.

Granny Square Flair will provide you with endless hours of crochet enjoyment and inspiration. I hope you check it out soon!

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