Amsterdam bike

My Dutch Crochet Adventure

In late September, I traveled across the pond to the Netherlands for the first time. The trip was a 40th birthday present to myself. Perhaps more importantly, it was also a chance to meet multiple crocheters whom I had admired from afar. I've expounded on the virtues of social media elsewhere, but without it I [...]

free crochet mandala pattern

Big Magic Mandala Pattern

I've been listening to the audiobook Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's about the pursuit of creativity and covers both creative obstacles and also ways of transcending them. Gilbert speaks to topics such as fear, courage, permission, creative entitlement, and originality vs. authenticity. I don't know that I've ever truly connected with "magic" as part [...]

crochet granny square pattern

Spin Me Right Round Crochet Square

This past weekend, I was playing around with some overlay crochet techniques, and came up with a little motif that I’d like to share for free. It’s a granny square with an overlay center that reminds me of a spinning record, for some reason. Maybe it’s the movement illusion that the stitches create, or maybe [...]

spiral crochet coaster

Home Decoration in Crochet Review

Flipping through a new crochet book as an adult is like flipping through a toy catalog as a kid - so many options that catch the eye and generate excitement. Perusing Home Decoration in Crochet  by Tanya Eberhardt is no exception. From the Corner to Corner Baby Blanket to the Fruity Egg Cozies, there are [...]

crochet cowl pattern

Stitch Sampler Crochet Cowl

This entry was first published in September, 2015.  The holidays are fast approaching, which means I've entered a kind of gift making frenzy. Any day now I'm going to slip into full-on Oprah mode: You get a cowl! And you get a cowl! Everyone gets cowls! Ahem. All over the top enthusiasm aside, and in [...]

Marrakech Crochet Pattern Pack

I've always been drawn to the interplay of beautiful colors, patterns, and textures found in Moroccan tile. I love to browse images of tiles on Pinterest, all the while filling my head with inspiration for my next crochet design. Last February, in need of some bright color to contrast the dreary winter landscape, I designed [...]

crochet granny square

Marrakech Motif

This post was first published in February, 2017. It's the dead of winter (or at least it feels like it), which means that I've been seeking out bright and cheerful colors to combat the low daylight blahs. This motif was inspired by an intricate tile pattern, and evolved from there. It makes me happy, and [...]